• Microneedling & OxyGeneo Facials Now at HD!

    New Spa Services Available at Hair Dynamix Meet the New Microneedling System by Dermaroller Twist  Brought to you by The Original Dermaroller® – inventors of microneedling and collagen induction therapy for aesthetic applications, revolutionizing microneedling since 1999. Twist is the only microneedling system that uses its motor to actively retrieve needles from the skin, guaranteeing maximum comfort and precision at every needle length.     How It Works The TWIST needles the skin at an extraordinary rate of 150 strokes/second. This creates numerous controlled micro-channels in the targeted layers which trigger the non-emergency wound healing process of the skin. Dormant fibroblasts become active and multiply, increasing the production of new…

  • Why is Scalp Health Important?

    Scalp care is essential because it determines the health and condition of the hair and prevents the diseases of scalp and hair. Before you learn the difference between a healthy vs unhealthy scalp, it’s helpful to understand your hair on a deeper level. Each strand is made of a protein called keratin. These keratin-rich fibers have two parts, which include the hair shaft and the hair follicle. Follow every strand of hair back to its roots and you’ll find a hair follicle. These tiny teardrop-shaped pockets in our skin play a fundamental role in determining how our hair grows. If you have a healthy head of hair, you have your follicles to…


    As of December 3rd 2022, we will be implementing a 5% increase on a few hair and spa services. This increase ensures that our stylists and aestheticians can continue to give you the experience you deserve, without compromising on availability, quality, and services. 

  • Support small, Support a dream.

    When you support a small family run business like Hair Dynamix, you are supporting families in your community. Joe and Carm have been working hard every day to freshen up the salon & spa for a safe return! We can’t wait until you can see it in person!