How Often do you Shampoo your Hair?

Show your colour some love and stop over-cleansing!  How often do you shampoo?  On average, most people will shampoo four to five times a week.  We know this first hand because when we ask our clients how often they shampoo, it’s way too often!  As hairdressers, we know that over-shampooing can lead to faster colour-fade because the cuticle is raised, exposing the inner hair fibre.  It also leads to dryness and hair damage because the surfactants in shampoo can strip the hair of its natural oils.  We all just want the same thing, clean hair all the time and that is why we shampoo so often.  More and more clients are turning to alternate ways to not wash their hair so often.  Dry shampoo and dry conditioner is one way that many women and men are eliminating one or two more shampoo’s a week.  Now, Pureology has launched new Cleansing Conditioners to this already outstanding professional hair care line!  This Cleansing Conditioner will create your ultimate cleansing routine and stretch out your shampooing without having to give up your favourite shampoos and conditioners.  This new gentle cleansing system preserves colour vibrancy, softens the hair and improves elasticity!  Now available at Hair Dynamix in Hydrate, Strength Cure, and our all new Smooth Perfection.